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Many Epson Compatible Inks to Cease Manufacturer
Epson Printers. Gone Most To Least Economical Printers In One Product Update.

Epson used to be the most economical printer available to the domestic market however with the launch of their new range of 'Expression' printers in October 2012 They are now among the most expensive to run. Put simply they reduced the ink in the cartridges these new printer use by about 75% but maintained the same price.

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Support for Microsoft Windows XP to End

With efferct from 8th April, 2014 Microsoft will stop providing any further updates for all versions of Windows XP. The consequences of this do not mean XP cannot continue to be used but it does mean there may be an increased security risk if XP is used on the Internet especially for shopping and banking etc. click 'read more' below to find out why Microsoft are doing this.

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