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New Gaming PC
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Refurb Gaming PC £770
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Dell Optiplec 7040
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Dell Optiplex 7010
Quantity Available 4

HP Pavilion 500 Details
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  Lenovo Thinkcentre
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8/6/21 at 10:00am

This list of available stock is sorted by price, high to low so please scroll down for cheaper computers.

All these computers are in stock and ready to buy.They are fully set up but, if you want to take us up on our offer of free BULLGUARD Internet Security for 12 months, then this will take around 15 minutes to install and activate and we will require an email address.

Unless specified, all refurbished computers come with a 12 month warranty covering all everything that is covered on new computers with the exception of batteries in laptops. As is the industry, software and data are never covered under any warranty so you are strongly advised to have a backup at all times.