Staying Safe Online

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Keeping your online identity secure

Don’t tell them everything
Identity thieves gather small pieces of information published online to build a profile of their victim. If you allow it, people can see your date of birth, mobile number, address and information on your family. Instead try to limit how much personal info you give away online, for example on Facebook and Twitter, but also when registering information on gaming sites or forums.

Make your passwords solid
Different sites need different passwords, it might be a faff but it’s certainly safer. Don’t use common phrases and words, or anything too obvious and whenever possible have a mix of letters (upper and lowercase) and numbers. Change your passwords regularly and keep online passwords safe. Never let your passwords be known to anyone and don't write them down. If you believe they have been compromised change them immediately

Watch out for email scams
If you get any emails or text messages you don’t recognise or you’re not sure about asking you for personal details, don’t provide them or click on any links they give you. Be especially cautious if they threaten to suspend or limit access to your account.

An excellent site for further advice and help especially for parents can be found here