More about the Webworks

Welcome to the website of the longest established computer sales and repair centre in Stroud. From basic Laptops to corporate networks we can supply and fix them all.


So your computer isn't running that badly and you want to know more about us? Well here goes.

The Webworks is owned by me, David Kruse (Dave) and by my business partner and brother-in-law Simon George (Si). We also have 3 members of staff: Laptop specialist (Chris), former partner (Becca) and Administrator (Mandy).

The Webworks was established back in November 1997 by Larry and his partner at the time Claire - both of whom have now moved on to pastures new.

I got my first computer for Christmas when I was nine and had it programed to play Jingle Bells before the end of the day, it was a Commodore Vic20 for those who remember them. Since then I have had a varied career mainly working in IT for the likes of BT and Cleveland County Council (the region my family is from) though when needed I have even had jobs washing up in restaurants, delivering pizzas and even briefly as a bingo caller. I moved to Gloucestershire to become the IT manager of a large marketing firm but the MD refused to allow any security to be introduced to the computer network and we went our separate ways.

Simon has recently (March 2021) bought out Becca to become 50/50 owner with his bother-in-law, Dave, and in the process has relocated to the area from Cornwall. He has alwys had an interest in computers, getting his first an Atari 65XL at the age of 11 and has never been without a computer or games console since then. After leaving school he studied A level Mathematics, chemistry and art followed by serving 9 years in the RAF. Since then he spent many years working in a hardware store whilst going back to college to study computer aided deign (CAD) being in a band and learning to play several musical instruments including Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele and Piano. Simon also has an interest in coding, CAD and 3D printing.

Becca was a new team member who we employed to help us cope with our ever increasing volume of work and to dilute the testosterone and nerdiness. She was a student at Stroud College at the time but within 2 years became an equal partner with me when Larry wanted to move to Cornwall and persue the paranormal. .  Ok the testosterone got diluted but it turns out that she is a gaming guru. So, sorry folks the nerd factor has gone up. On a more positive note the range of our expertise widened.

When Larry left he took his mobile phone unlocking business with him. So, whilst we are no longer able to offer any mobile phone services this has allowed us to improve our computer related services:

  • We have a dedicated demonstration area where you can try before you buy on typically a dozen different computers
  • We have expanded our workshop so we have space to work on 20 machines simultaneously.
  • We have improved our working procedures which has enabled us to work more efficiently which has helped us to avoid increases in our labour charges dispite VAT rises and other increased expenses.

Our aim is to be the best provider of computer servicing and repair service there is. When we reach that goal, and many say we have, we will then aim to improve on that.

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