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Assuming this lockdown will be as before we will be open as usual. During the last lockdown computer repairs were confirmed as an essential service especially as we maintain the systems of several, local, healthcare providers (among other essential organisations).

There is no need to panic about us being closed however we may need to reduce trading hours to facilitate delivery and collection services, for example, but we will be open. We may also need to revert back to one customer at a time and we may need to operate a phone and collect service but we will update you as the situation evolves.

We would like to thank-you for your continued support and understanding during these horrible times and ask you to still observe the rules we have put in place to help keep everyone safe if you want to pay us a visit.

We can accomodate 2 customers at a time but at times we need to move around the customer area or can have substantial order being collected or delivered. If it looks a little congested inside then please wait outside.

If you are bringing equipment in to us and have to queue, you are welcome to put your items on the counter by our door to prevent damage if it is raining, but the we do need to ask you to wait outside.

We have looked at providing a shelter however, we have been unable to find one that wont protrude to far into the street.

Please only touch or handle goods you intend to buy, avoid touching any other surface or fixtures. There is hand sanitizer available if you do wish tohandle goods.

Please stay safe and enjoy the rest of our site.

Welcome to our website. Regular visitors and customers will know this but to first time visitors we do things a bit differently here. You won't find pages emblazoned with 'unrepeatable deals' or any other high pressure glitzy sales tactics. We want to build up strong, long-term relationships with our customers, not just simply give them a box and take their money.

Our success is down to our customer service, taking time to understand what is needed and providing it. We believe that while the Internet could be one of man's greatest inventions proper customer service can only be given personally. This is why, despite some products being listed here, on our site we will only sell from our shop.

If you are looking for recomendations then come and have a look in our comments book in store. Online reviews are great but we feel they lack the authenticity that hand written, personal comments provide.

So, have a wander around our site. whatever your needs we will probably have some advice on the subject to help you make an informed decision. We hope you like it and welcome your feedback.

We hate it when companies hide behind their website or call centre so, to make things easy our details are just below the map.

Our shop  Location

The Webworks
7-8 John Street

(01453) 758934

Whilst the parking is restricted on John Street you are permitted park for loading and unloading purposes and a disabled parking bay is available directly opposite our shop. The land immediately in front of our shop is officially a loading bay but Gloucestershire Highways have so far refused to mark it as such (claiming it is already marked out). As a result some traffic wardens still insist on ticketing everyone. We suggest you leave your boot open (if safe) to make it clear traffic wardens you are loading.

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Virtual Tour

Feel like having a wander around our store and workshop? Then click here. During Easter weekend of 2015 we had a refit. Making our customer areas bigger and brighter, and doubling our demonstration area to give you more choice. As a result it is a little out of date but we are planning on getting the tour updated the next time Google are in town.

We Repair, Service and Upgrade Apple Mac Products as well as all makes of PC

Refurbished Laptops and Desktops with warranties just like new

End of Life for Windows 7, and what it means

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The Webworks is a Bullguard Partner

Free Bullguard Internet Security

An antivirus program is essential nowadays but why should you have to have a second rate free one or pay a fortune for a good one? Our answer is, YOU SHOULDN'T. All our computers come with a free 12 month subscription to Bullguard Internet Security for FREE. You can even use it on 2 more computer at no extra cost or upgrade to the 10 user version for £30 and protect Apple Mac and Andriod devices too! (excludes IOS devices).

Quick Facts

Over 11,000 local households and businesses trust us to supply and maintain their computers.
We repair over 3,000 computer each year.
We have customers who have moved to other parts of the country and to other countries who still only trust us with their computers.

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