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In keeping with our mission to bring you the best value in everything we do and supply we only sell 'Jet-Tec' branded, RECYCKED, inks. For detailed information and to find out if Jet-Tec make inks for your printer click here, otherwise, here is a brief rundown.

Many of the cartridges we stock have Jet-Tec's patented, unique, Extra life technology - printing up to 100% more pages than the original manufacturers cartridge. This isn't just a sales pitch they have been awarded "The Queens Award For Enterprise: Innovation" for this little gem. For you this means replacing your cartridges less frequently, not to mention the cost savings. For the environment this means fewer cartridges to be recycled saving energy, pollution and transport costs. For instructions on how to activate the extra ink (where applicable) in your cartridge click here.

Jet-Tec make ink for most brands of printer: Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Hewlet Packard, Lexmark and Samsung. I should point out that not all printers are supported so please check with us or Jet-Tec before making a special trip into town.

Jet-Tec inks are incredible value for money! with Epson inks starting at Just £4 and Hp from just £7 why pay more? We even give discounts for buying just 2 cartridges:

Buy 2 and save £1 per pair.

Buy 4 and save £1 per cartridge.

Buy a multi-pack and save £2 per cartridge plus if you use more of a specific colour you can have extra inks at the equivalent multi-pack discount.

Occasionally we have a customer who is concerned about printer manufacturer claims that using a compatible ink will invalidate their warranty. Now, I wouldn't like to comment on the legalities of this but what I do know is that Jet-Tec guarantee that if their inks ever cause a breakdown with your printer they will replace your printer.

We are also the original authorised stockist of Jet-Tec inks in the district, something were proud of. As such we will beat the price of any other local stockist of Jet-tec inks 'till it hurts. Internet sales are excluded from this price promise as high street service cannot be matched.

So, what's stopping you from saving a small fortune (we have seen examples where our inks are 75% cheaper than the originals) Give us a call or visit Jet-Tec's website now!

Printer buying advice.

Generally the cheaper the printer is to buy, the more expensive the inks will cost. It costs around £200 to make an average inkjet printer so if you pay less than this for one then the manufacturers need to get their money back.

If you are looking for a new printer then not only do we have a range in store but we are happy to advise you on the running costs of any other printer you are considering.

One question we will ask you is, Do you really need a printer? We ask this because society sells us this idea of being surrounded with beautiful, artistic, photo creations that we can make at home in minutes. The reality is printers rarely get used for anything more than printing reciepts and boarding passes, being used so infrequently that you have to spend half a day doing head cleans to get a readable document.

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