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Support for Microsoft Windows XP to End

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Over time computer hardware and software always has and always will get more advanced. The software that is created at any one time can only be written for the hardware that exists at that time and as a result has limits in its abilities. Windows XP was released in 2001 when computers were much less powerful that they are today. As a result XP can only manage around 3GB's or RAM (12 times the average of 2001 computers). an average computer nowadays has 8GB's of RAM so a new version of Windows was absolutely needed. there are other similar reasons to but i hope you get the point.

XP was only designed for security threats that existed back in 2001 and the world of cyber crime was a different place back then. Through Windows updates XP has been altered to tackle a lot of the new security threats but this problem is getting more that XP can manage even with updates.

This does not mean you need tt throw your old PC out. Provided you have a reasonable spec'd PC we are able to upgrade your computer to Windows 7 usually for only £80 including a genuine Windows 7 License.

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