Environmental Issues And What We're Doing About Them

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Environmental Issues

and What We're Doing About Them

Probably the single bigest issue facing us all right now is climate change. Technology uses vast amounts of natural resources and precious metals and we don't have all the answers. But, here are a few of the things we are doing to play our part in minimising our environmental impact.

Repair, Repair, Repair

The best way to avoid using our planets limited resources is to keep using what we have. We will ALWAYS try to keep your existing device going. Only if it is truly unfit to keep going will we recommend a replacement. This is one reason why you will never find us selling tablet computers like iPads as they are incredibly difficult and expensive to repair. We also dont sell 'cheap' computers because we believe this is a false economy as it results in replacement being needed sooner.

Refurbish and Re-use

Visit the Demonstation area of our shop and you will notice that around 90% of the computers offered for sale are refurbished. Buying refurbished not only helps save the planet but will also save you money. Most of our refurbished laptop and desktop computers are end-of-lease, high end, commercial machines which are build to a much higher standard than new, domstic grade ones. Even if you buy a 5 year old refurb (though most are newer than this) it is going to be more powerful and last longer than a new one sometimes costing a lot more money. Top that off with a warranty that is comparable to that of a new one and why would you ever buy a new computer again?

Recycle Everything

We have teamed up with several leading technology recycling providers to make sure that every last bit of kit can be recycled. Not only does all of our electrical waste get recycled you are also welcome to bring in your waste electrical devices and we will recycle it completely FREE of charge.
We also have facilities for recycling batteries and printer cartridges Some restrictions do apply so checkout out our detailed recycling page HERE.

Zero to Landfill

All of our non electrical rubbish is disposed of via waste carriers who are committed to recycling all the waste they process and to sending nothing to landfill.

Energy Efficency

While we are limited in what the structure of our shop enables us to achieve we have fitted reverse phase air conditioning that heats our shop using 80% less electricity than conventional heaters. We are also replacing our lighting with ultra efficient LED systems as we need to since disposing of working lights damages the environment more than continuing to use them.