Call Outs

Welcome to the website of the longest established computer sales and repair centre in Stroud. From basic Laptops to corporate networks we can supply and fix them all.


If you want us to work on your computer in your home or business then that's fine. There are however many jobs that are best done in our workshop, let me explain. If you need a network setting up or other similar work doing then these tasks can only be done on your premises. But, to thoroughly remove viruses or to test a repair takes hours, if not days.

When we are removing viruses a lot of the time your machine spends with us it will be sat on our benches scanning for those little critters. Each scan usually takes a couple of minutes to start and then it will take a few hours to complete, which we then use that time to work on other machines. All we charge you for is the time we actually work on your computer. So, if we are doing that kind of work in your home then, since we cannot work on other machines, we need to charge for all the time we spend at your premises.

Obviously not all our customers are able to just unplug their computers and drop them off so, what we do offer provided you can work around our opening hours, is a free, local collect and return service. Please note, this does not include reconnecting upon return.

Quite often we work on Sundays and well into the night to keep on top of the demand for our services. as a result we are completely willing to work around your hours to be here for you if you cannot call into our shop during our normal opening hours. We do not charge extra for this but unless we are expecting it we will not answer the phone after 5:00pm or on a Sunday.

Tariff Of Charges

Call-out minimum charge including first half hour      £40.00
Each additional half hour                                           £20.00

Whilst these are our charges, we are generous (we don't have a meter running) and will normally only charge for what a job is worth even if it takes longer than expected. Many jobs we do are classed as standard jobs and have fixed prices, call us for more details.