Welcome to the website of the longest established computer sales and repair centre in Stroud. From basic Laptops to corporate networks we can supply and fix them all.


All repairs are attended to as fast as we can.
We will never charge extra for prompt service to queue jump

Don't panic. Our tools are much more sensitive This is our speciality and what we are known best for. Time and time again a customer comes to us after being told by some of our competitors, both independents and nationals, that there is nothing they can do with their computer or device and time and time again we fix it.

We don't subscribe to today's throw-away society so, if it can be fixed, and if that's what the customer wants then we will fix it. Even down to fixing supposedly dead hard disk drives and sometimes blown components on circuit boards. Obviously there are occasions where a repair will not be the best value for money option and, if this is the case we will advise you of that.

Don't be worried about the price either. From a recent analysis of our repair bills our average repair bill is less than £100. Which, considering that a computer will breakdown once every 3 years on average is a massive argument not to buy an extended warranty. We do, however, charge an investigation fee of £30.00.  Any investigation fee is waived if you have the required repairs carried out.

In our compact workshop we have the facilities work on 20 computers at the same time meaning we very rarely have a significant queue of work waiting to be started. Some other local computer shops like to charge a priority service premium. Our workshop is big enough to give everyone priority service at no extra cost.Laptop repair

In the unlikely event of us not having a part in stock, through the use of specially selected, quality suppliers, we can have almost any part delivered the next working day. Meaning our average repair time is only 3 days.

Many of our customer are becoming more savvy with repairing their own computers and just want the parts with a bit of advice. That's fine by us, we will help you the best we can and will still be there for you if things do go pear shaped.

In our ever expanding and badly organised Advice Section you may find some simple tips that can help you diagnose some common problems and decide whether you need us or can fix it yourself.

A little word of caution.

Some customers want us to fix their computer with parts they have sourced themselves. We are happy to do this but be aware that in the event of those parts being unsuitable or faulty we will still charge the full quoted labour fees.

with some repairs it is impossible to fully assess a computer's problems until a partial repair has been completed. For example, it is impossible to fully test a laptop with a damaged power socket. In these circumstances we still need to charge for the parts of work completed.



Mac repairs at PC prices

OK Apple parts can be significantly more expensive than PC parts but we do not exploit this. we make the same profit on Apple parts as their much cheaper PC counterpart and our labour charges are identical.

We Fix all types of Apple and PC computers
Typical PC Repair Prices

These prices are typical, real prices as of this pages latest update 28/8/22 not fake 'from' prices including new parts, labour and VAT. Actual prices may be lower or higher dependant upon your computer and ongoing significant price volatility since the onset of Covid.

  • 15.6" Laptop screen replacement - £120
  • Hard drive replacement - booting source - £122.00
  • Hard drive replacement - non booting source - £142.00
  • 500 watt power supply £66.00
  • Laptop power socket repair £70.00
  • Graphics card replacement £80.00
  • Laptop Keyboards £45.00
  • Desktop case Fans £22.00
  • DVD drive £48.00
  • Desktop Motherboard £60.00
    may require Windows reinstall at extra cost
  • laptop screen hinges £70.00

Repairing multiple faults on a single computer will always be cheaper than the individual price. Pop in with your computer for a more accurate quote.

Before undertaking a repair we always appraise weather it is economically viable to do the job so you don't throw good money after bad.