Tariff of charges

Welcome to the website of the longest established computer sales and repair centre in Stroud. From basic Laptops to corporate networks we can supply and fix them all.


Most of the labour charges for the work we undertake are provided on a fixed price basis. However, computers can be unpredictable so and so's, so each type of job has a price range. The lower end of the range is charged if there were no issues encountered and the upper end of the range will be charged if there were complications. For instance having to spend longer than normal finding device drivers or a virus removal taking longer due to a machine being severly infected. No matter what the complications we will never charge more than the upper price limit for a particular task regardless of the time spen on it.

Virus removal/cleanup: £70.00 - £90.00
Annual service:  £60.00 - £80.00
Reinstallation of Windows: £70.00
Data preservation: £20.00 - £40.00
Data Recovery:  £30.00 - £70.00
Failed component replacement and testing:  £30.00 - £50.00
Fault investigation:  £30.00 (Only charged if fix taken no further)
Laptop screen or socket replacement:  £60.00 - £80.00
Hard drive Cloning and fitting: £60.00 fixed

Occasionally we will try a fix on a computer that will appear to be successful 1n our workshop but fails back in the real world. If this occurs only the fix that actually works will be charged for as we treat issues like this as all one job until fully resolved.

These prices are inclusive of VAT but do not include any parts that may be needed. Part prices will be quoted prior to commencement.

Free Dust Removal Service

Dust can kill computers stone dead, especially laptops. Worst of all it can happen without any warning. Bring your computer to us and we can remove the dust in just a couple of minutes and the best bit, its absolutely FREE.

Rarely some laptops require extensive dismantling to remove the dust. Unfortunately these are excluded from this offer as are all apple products