Recycling Services

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Recycling Services

When something you have bought from us reaches the end of it's life we are able to recycle it for you and a whole lot more besides. See below for a list of exactly what we are able to recycle. If you are planning on bringing in a large volume of items please contact us before diong so as our storage space is limited and may need to be reorganised before we can accept them. We are also able to destroy the data on hard drives free of charge however we are not able to issue certificates of destruction at the present time.

What we can accept

All forms of desktop, laptop and all-in-one computers and their components.

Portable, sealed batterys.

Ink and toner cartridges.

All types of cables and chargers.

And what we cant

Damaged Batteries.

Lead-Acid batteries from UPS devices.

CRT screens.

WEEE Regulations

As part of the Waste electric and electronic equipment regulations we are additionaly required to accept waste on a like for like basis based on item that have been putchased from us. IE:- we will accept a desktop printer for recycling when a customer is purchasing one from us.