Apple Repairs and Upgrades

Welcome to the website of the longest established computer sales and repair centre in Stroud. From basic Laptops to corporate networks we can supply and fix them all.


We fix and upgrade a wide range of Apple desktops, laptops and tablets.


Despite Apple computers costing significantly more than Windows computers they are actually no more reliable. In some respects they are actually worse becaue of the sleek design taking priority over a solid build quality.
Apple also have an apalling attitude to repairs - anything over 5 years old if deemed obselete and they will refuse to repair it even if the failed component is still current like a hard drive or RAM.

Fortunatley, as you might have figured out, we don't have that attitude and will repair all computers provided it is economically viable and parts are available.

The best thing is that they are no harder to fix than windows computers so as far as our labour charges go we charge no more than we would to fix a Windows computer. However apple specific part are considerably more expensive than their Windows counterparts.

The newer Imac computers have their screen held in with double sided sticky tape which gets destroyed when opened. As a result all jobs that require dismantling will attract the higher investigation fee of £35.00 inc VAT

Bullguard for Mac


Bullguard is now compatible with all Apple OSX based devices - Mac Pro, Imac, Mac Book Air and Pro. Sorry but there is a £10 charge to have it added on to having you Mac serviced but that is £30 cheaper than our seperate selling price.