Accessories and Parts

Welcome to the website of the longest established computer sales and repair centre in Stroud. From basic Laptops to corporate networks we can supply and fix them all.


As well as Servicing, Repairing and selling computers we also sell and advise on a wide range of accessories related to computers. Our product range is always evolving to suit our customers needs but includes most items to accompany modern computers.

Storage devices

No matter how much data you need to store we have a solution from simple USB flash drives for less than a tenner to huge capacity, multi-drive network attached storage. Please remember that any device can fail without warning therefor you should always have at least two copies of your data.


We stock a wide variety of cable to get you connected. This is a product area that a lot of major stores supply in fancy packaging (that can be so hard to open you cut yourself) and charge the earth for. Quite simply WE DON'T. We sell quality cables in simple packs at a fair price.

Screens and Speakers

Not everyone wants or needs massive screens or booming speakers so we sell a full range with screens from £60 and speakers from £10. Most of our speakers and screens are on display so you can see and hear the quality of what we sell before you buy.


The cost of printer and the inks to go in them is something that almost all owners will have had a rant about at some point. With us decisions are easy as we have done the research for you. Indeed, some printers can cost 25 times more than other models. All the printer models we offer for sale have been checked to confirm there will be no nasty shocks when its time to replace the ink cartridges.

Networking Products

We sell a wide variety of networking product to get you connected. Routers, Home-plugs, Switches, internal and external adapters, and the cables in between. Every environment is different and the solution needs to be tailored to suit. If needed we can do an on-site survey to advise on the best solutions, at very reasonable rates

Spare Parts and Upgrade Components.

Since we build computer here in our Stroud centre we stock all the parts needed within a computer: Motherboards, Hard Drives, Memory, DVD Drives, Cases, Power supplies, cooling fans, Graphics cards and Processors, the list goes on. WE keep most everyday stuff in stock but the high-end devices are bought in as needed to prevent devaluing while sat on our shelves. We buy from a carefully selected range of suppliers to ensure our prices are keen and delivery swift.

Blank Media

We stock a wide range of blank DVD's,CD's and cases.


We also stock everyday peripherals: Keyboards, Mice USB Hubs, Laptop chargers, Mouse mats, Memory cards and readers, Batteries, Computer cleaning supplies, Headsets, Web-cams, Printer paper and Laptop Bags etc.

Did You Know?

All our new monitors come with a 3 year, on-site, manufacturers warranty. If one ever fails all it normally takes is one call to the manufacturer and a relpacement one is sent, by courier, and the old one taken away in one visit.

Useful Tip

If your router has packed up you can normally get a new one free from your internet service provider (ISP) though sometimes you may need to let them know of a rival who is giving them away to new customers and you may need to threaten to leave them.

Golden Printer Rule

The cheaper the printer the more expensive the ink. And vice versa - usually.