Terms And Conditions

Welcome to the website of the longest established computer sales and repair centre in Stroud. From basic Laptops to corporate networks we can supply and fix them all.


Refund Policies


Whilst we take reasonable steps to ensure you get the correct ink for your printer it is the customers responsibility to ensure that the inks supplied are the correct ones. If their model does not appear on the packet no responsibility can be taken for printer damage and no refund will be issued if any seals have been broken. Naturally if any inks have been bought in error and are still sealed then we will happily exchange them for the correct ones. Unless a reciept is provided any refund will be at the current selling price less the maximum discounts that may or may not have been applied - Specifically the listed price less £1.00 and 10%


Should you change your mind on any purchase we will happily exchange your product(s) or issue a credit note for later use within 28 days of purchase provided the goods are returned in an as-new condition. We do however reserve the right to make a 15% deduction from the price paid for testing and repackaging of any returned item(s) and to defer payment until testing has been completed. Any computer purchased will be subject to a data cleansing fee (typically £60) being deducted from the credit note or exchange value. If an item is sold a an experiment then it is the customers responsibility to ensure the reciept is signed by an authorised member of staff otherwise no refund will be made.


Unless by prior agreement we will not accept returns of any specially ordered items.


Where a customer has ordered any computer or work done that involves components being assembled and subsequently cancels a charge will be made for the work completed prior to the point of cancellation and the cost of any specially ordered parts. For example, when building a computer with a special part costing £50, assuming the build had been completed, our standard cost of installing Windows to a machine of £60 plus the £50 special part will still be charged for. Any further deposit paid will be refunded.


Any goods laid away will be subject to 25% of the full purchase price being deducted from any returned monies.


Nothing contained here affects your rights to a refund/exchange/repair for any item supplied which fails under the terms of it's warranty and your statutory rights are not affected.


All of our products come with a one year parts and labour warranty against faulty workmanship and failure. Many items however have much longer manufacturer warranties. As such should a part that is over one year old but still be covered by the manufacturers warranty fail we are usually required to send it to the manufacturer for testing and replacing. A charge may be made for shipping and refitting. Special order items that fail under warranty at any age will normally need to be returned to the manufcturer for repair or replacement.

Please note that warranties only cover the replacement of failed parts and data is never covered - excluding the Pre-installed Software. We can attempt to recover any lost data but a charge is normally made for this service.

When a repair or upgrade is carried out and warranty provided, the warranty only covers the supplied parts and associated labour. For example, if a hard drive is upgraded then a piece of memory subsequently fails and a customer chooses not to have that component replaced no refund will be due on the work previously carried out.

All work us undertaken on the good faith that the only faults with a machine are those mentioned by the customer at the commencement of the work. Any critical further faults found will be brought to the attention of the customer but we will not be responsible should further faults appear during repairs being made. For example, the hard drive failing while the machine is having viruses removed.


Unless otherwise stated all goods still come with a 12 month warranty. If, during testing a battery fails to last for 1 hour under load we will replace it prior to offering it for sale. If an item fails within 30 days of purchase a refund, repair or exchange will be offered once the fault has been established (which may not be on the spot). After 30 days a refund will only be made in the event of an unreparable fault occuring and no equivilent item being available.

Since laptop batteries naturally degrade during their life we will only deem a battery to be a warranty failure if its useable live drops to less than 30 minutes per charge.


Should a warrantied item fail and a refund be needed a charge/deduction will be made if a customer needs us to retrieve data for them. Customers are strongly advised to always have backups of their data and no liability will be accepted for direct or indirect consequences of not having a backup.