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Covid, Digital Poverty, What We're Doing, And How You Can Help

You have probably heard in the news about the crisisLaptop image many families are in trying to educate their children from home where several children could be sharing a single laptop or worse, not being able to partake in lesson due to not having any computers to work from or even a reliable internet connection.

As a result, we have partnered with the Cotswold Canal Trust, Stroud Town and some other local parish councils to help out. We are asking our local community to donate any unused computers (laptops preferred). We will then fully refurbish them to the best they can be. Adding more RAM and a super quick SSD, where needed, and then set them up with a clean install of Windows 10 and all the latest updates so they are all ready to help a child continue their education.

If you don't have a computer to donate but would still like to help out we are also accepting donations of money that will be pooled to buy laptops that can be given to children. To remain covid safe we are asking that donations are made over the phone with a card. Cash and cheques will be accepeted but please pop it in an envelope before handing it too us. We, The Webworks, will be providing the parts and labour to refurbish donated computers so all money donations will go towards buying computers.

If you're not in a position to make a donation then you can still help by spreading the word. Share this page on your preferred social media platform and tell your friends, family and colleagues.

I want to donate a computer

Any laptop, ideally working and running Windows 7 or newer but, older or broken ones can help as they can be cannibalised to get other ones working. We are working in a covid secure way with a locked door at our shop. So, please put your donation in a bag and when we open the door please tell us you are dropping off a computer to be donated.

We will be upgarding all laptops that only have HDDs to have SSDs so, if you would like the hard drive back then please enclose your contact details so we can arrange for this to be returned once we have removed it from your computer. If you don't want it back then we will securely erase it before recycling it. Unless you are extremely proficient with computers, please do not remove it yourself as many drives are fitted in brackets that render the computer useless without it.

We are open reduced hours during these lockdowns so we ask that any donations are made Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 1.00pm You won't need an appointment but please remember social distancing when visiting our shop.

I need a computer

Once computers are all setup and ready to go we will be passing them on to Val Kirby of the Cotswold Canal Trust who will be administering the distribution of these computers. To avoid spam we have not published her number but we can provide it on request. We do not know what their qualifying criteria will be or even how many computers we will be able to provide, but please do not be embarrased to ask. You will not be judged and covid really has created more sufferers than those who have actually been ill.